Data center with security as quality criterion number one

maincubes, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is a German company and part of the medium-sized Zech Group, Bremen. maincubes provides its customers with a network of high-availability data centers in Europe that enable colocation in conjunction with secure eco-systems for the digital future of companies in various industries. Customers and partners of maincubes can connect worldwide through the SecureExchange platform and use connectivity and cloud services from our strategic partners to expand their business opportunities. maincubes services are secure, efficient and user-friendly.


A direct and redundant connection to the supply grid guarantees an outage-proof power supply. The average IT burden in all rooms is 2kW/m², up to 20kW peaks are possible.


The use of innovative cooling technology and temperature-regulating building features ensures a perfect climate for high-performance computers, and also caters for individual solutions.


A multi-level access control system and security staff who are deployed around the clock seven days a week guarantee a top level of security. Where data privacy and company security are required, German standards apply.


The world's biggest Commercial Internet Exchange, DE-CIX, and numerous central telecommunications routes for both domestic and international locations are on the doorstep. You yourself can decide on the fibre optics by which your data is transmitted. We work on a carrier-neutral basis.


The brand new VESDA and a conventional fire alarm system prevents any risky situations suddenly escalating into fire hazards. The fire extinguisher system is n+n-redundant.


Optimal design and functionality: The idea of a future-oriented environment for IT infrastructures has inspired our engineers and captured the attention of the industry. In 2012 maincubes one was awarded with the German Data center Award for visionary Data center architecture.

We give you perspectives

Thinking globally and networking digitally require local reliability. In our Data center maincubes one, we have translated our experiences from real estate management and IT into structural elements and future-oriented technology. How it looks like and what advantages it offers for you are illustrated in the short article about our project in Frankfurt/Offenbach.


We know that we are able to provide the right service portfolio for every requirement. Why not put us to the test and request an individual offer? It's easily done using the form provided.


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