Room for your IT - secure, efficient & user-friendly

maincubes, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is a German company and part of the medium-sized Zech Group, Bremen. maincubes provides its customers with a network of highly available data centers in Europe, which enables colocation in conjunction with secure eco-systems for the digital future of companies in various industries. Customers and partners of maincubes can connect worldwide via the secureexchange platform and use the connectivity and cloud services of our strategic partners to expand their business opportunities. maincube's services are secure, efficient and user-friendly.

Secure Services: Rack - Cage - Suite and more


We provide you with the racks - you simply come and install your IT systems or you bring your own racks - we integrate them into our power and climate concept.


Physical separation of your racks from other installations provides a further level of access protection and security. Additional safety measures are available as an option.


An own IT room and, if necessary, individual installations of electricity and network are the basis for a data center in the data center concept. A variety of security options complete these possibilities.


Energy efficiency that is transparently communicated in the contract. No hidden costs. With us, customers only pay for what they actually use.


The connection of your IT to the world of Internet and Cloud is made possible by our copper and fiber optic connections, in particular via specially secured connections to secureexchange.

IP connectivity

Standardized Internet connections for simple requirements. For more flexibility and further services please ask our partners.


Our helping hands are at your disposal around the clock.

Other colocation services

We will gladly provide you with fully equipped office and storage space.

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