Datacenter Schiphol

Looking for the ideal location to store your valuable business data? Often, this choice is not that easy and you will have many elements that play a role in the consideration. What if we can tell you that we can save your data, secure it and still make it accessible at all times? maincubes offers various colocations at effective locations near business metropoles. This way it is possible to store your data in one of our data centers near Schiphol. Our data center meets the highest quality requirements and offers a reliable network, as well as 24/7 security. This way, you do not have to worry about the care that comes along with the storage of essential data.

maincubes adapts to the circumstances of your company. If you suddenly grow fast and need more storage in the short term, we offer the scalability needed for this. For us, your data is our first priority and therefore you can focus on other business-related processes.


Our datacenter is located at central hubs and important telecommunication routes.


Colocation with innovative technology and a 24/7 duty roster for our security personnel. We use the German standards for data protection and operational safety.

Total Cost of Ownership

We offer colocation with efficient use of energy. This leads to cost reductions.

Technical design

Our colocation solutions meet the requirements of our customers with regard to high power density and integration.

Air treatment

Innovative cooling systems create a suitable climate for IT infrastructures. The temperature can be individually regulated as required.

Fire protection

We protect your server environment with state-ofthe- art fire extinguishing systems.


There is a smart strategy to the positioning of our Data centers, both with regard to supplies and connections and in relation to proximity to big commercial cities. Find out about the locations where we can best support your company.


Secure services - rack, cage, suite and more. Our goal is to create the optimal environment for the server environment of every customer with the utmost safety.


We know that we are able to provide the right service portfolio for every requirement. Why not put us to the test and request an individual offer? It's easily done using the form provided.